I have looked high and low for a music journalist whose last name begins with X. I could not find anyone.

So I decided to take this opportunity and go back through the alphabet of music journalists that I didn’t get to write about first time. I had some tough choices to make for the Music Journalism A-Z series when I decided I would only feature one music journalist by first letter of their last name.

There are many other music journalists that deserve major recognition for their accomplishments and invaluable insights.

The first music journalist I want to mention  is David Byrne. Most people freely associate him as a musician, songwriter, or as a visual artist. He writes a regular journal that I subscribe to,  David Byrne’s Journal. David Byrne is a technology leader who assuaged our collective consciousness. He articulates a much-needed voice  of expression…

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Music Vision Sound-Website

This is my website Music Vision Sound that I have been working on for a while now, it has all been refreshed and revamped!!!

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Gloria Stavers

My first recollection of reading a music journalist with any regularity was Gloria Stavers, editor in chief of 16 Magazine. Stavers was credited with being one of the first women rock and roll journalists. Her vibrant personality carried across as both a fan and a knowledgeable source of information.


I find it ironic that I also had a teeny bopper phase that helped to formulate my experience with music. It is the reason I curb my tongue when it comes to Justin Bieber. I had a paper route in those days as a Norwalk Hour news carrier. I would strap a transistor radio to the handle bars and listen to the WMCA Good Guys or the WABC All American disk jockeys on AM radio out of New York City. I always made it a point to buy the latest monthly issue of 16 Magazine at Espositos Variety in South…

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Life, Love and Yoga


I believe Karma is the word. Although I think Karma is a bit overused these days. People just love saying, (insert nasaly voice) “Karma is a b&*ch”. Well, if you are saying that-  isn’t that negative? Which means that it’ll come back around to get you too? Or, “I did something good, so I have good Karma.” Yes, I suppose so. But that means you are keeping track of Karma. What about that mean thing you said the other day, doesn’t that offset your “good Karma?”

I don’t necessarily like thinking in terms of 21st Century American Karma. We’ve twisted it all around. Instead I like to think in terms of – what you give you get. What you project is reflected back to you. So if you want to do nice things just for the sake of getting nice things back- well, you will, but they won’t be genuine…

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Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.
Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draw it
… Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.

— The Dhammapada


From Wikipedia

According to tradition, the Dhammapada’s verses were spoken by the Buddha on various occasions.

By distilling the complex models, theories, rhetorical style and sheer volume of the Buddha’s teachings into concise, crystalline verses, the Dhammapada makes the Buddhist way of life available to anyone.

In fact, it is possible that the very source of the Dhammapada in the third century B.C.E. is traceable to the need of the early Buddhist communities in India to laicize the ascetic impetus of the Buddha’s original words.

The text is part of the Khuddaka Nikaya of the Sutta Pitaka, although over half of the verses exist in…

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Musically Diversified

One of the most unusual bands to come out in the last few years is  Nemes a 5 piece rock/folk band from Worcester, Massachusetts. The band which is led by duel frontmen Dave Anthony (Guitar/Vocals) and Josh Knowles (Violin/Vocals) mixes folk sounds with a more modern rock influence to create a sound is uniquely their own.

I first heard Nemes when they played live in a mall in central mass about three years ago. I bought their EP 865 that day and was blown away especially by the standout track, “Pipe Song.” Since then Nemes have been busy releasing two new recordings the first being 2010’s EP Third Time’s A Charm! And more recently the band released their first full length, Don’t Flush Me which was released in June of 2011. The band has also been on a touring schedule that brought them through Europe and the US.

Be sure…

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