Musically Diversified

Today Coheed and Cambria released the latest installment of their Amory Wars saga with The Afterman: Descension (Vol. 2) the second part of their double album The Afterman. The first half of the album which was released in October and in one week, Coheed sold nearly 50,000 copies, scoring the album the #5 spot on Billboard. Now as I mentioned this album is part of the Amory Wars saga, but in this review I will not be covering how this album fits into the story line. Instead I will be looking into the spectacular tracks that are featured on this volume.

Hello Apollo, Where should I begin? The Afterman: Descension starts off with the track “Pre-Lethal” which starts off with a nice intro that has a very mystical feel that almost felt like Rush. Then at the 1:15 the song picks up and goes in a heavier direction that sounds…

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