I deliberated about today’s blog post between two music journalists whose last name begins with the letter D. My choice was between Stephen Davis and Anthony Decurtis. I decided to write this music blog post about Anthony DeCurtis. I trust I am not placing too much emphasis on music journalists who own a Rolling Stone Magazine, New York Times pedigree.

Anthony DeCurtis

anthony decurtis

The closer I examined Anthony DeCurtis publishing accomplishments I discovered how he executes his craft. A side goal of my blogging effort is to glean as much as I can from this illustrious collective to improve my music journalism skill.

Anthony DeCurtis holds a Ph.D. in American literature from Indiana University, and teaches in the creative writing program at the University of Pennsylvania.  He resides in New York City.

I value how expressly Anthony DeCurtis conducts the art of interviewing famous musicians. I love to read…

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