Finding a concert in your vicinity these days ought to be simple, right? Just throw some words at a search engine, the name of your city, say, and a couple phrases like “local music” or “live events,” click around in your browser’s results, and bam, you’re on your way to see Springsteen and the E Streeters, They Might Be Giants or Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem as thunderously rendered by your local symphony orchestra.

And yet web-trawling for local events is also kind of a mess: a mix of half-baked, ad-choked aggregators. If you’re new to your area, as I was when I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan a few years ago, you have to poke around sites like Yelp or others until you’ve identified the go-to spots, some of whose acts only appear on the actual venue websites. Getting a handle on an average week’s music events can be a…

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