Musically Diversified

In the mid 90’s there was a new type of metal brewing in Sweden. This new brand of metal ultimately got dubbed “The Gothenberg Sound,” and was popularized by At The Gates and In Flames. That sound then moved across the ocean and got mixed with thrash and hardcore which was then re-branded as metalcore and popularized worldwide by bands like All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, and Trivium. Well everything has come full circle , and it has returned to Europe, and more specifically Lugano, Switzerland where the awesome band Dreamshade hale from.

Dreamshade have been together since their inception in 2006. Two years later they released their debut EP To The Edge Of Reality. This EP was followed by touring and spots on some of Europe’s top metal festivals. Two years later Dreamshade signed with Spinefarm records, and were soon working on their debut album, What Silence…

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