Drop Nataly Dawn’s new album How I Knew Her into a search engine and you’ll turn up lots of talk about the singer-songwriter’s surprise turn from the whimsical covers of indie duo Pomplamoose (her YouTube-driven collaboration with musician and partner Jack Conte) to an eclectic folk rock-ish album of probing, poignant songs that chronicle, among other things, her struggles with faith and identity.

But one of the most intriguing things about How I Knew Her is how it came to be in the first place: Back in July 2011, Dawn launched a Kickstarter project asking fans for $20,000 to fund an album of solo, non-Pomplamoose material. By the time funding closed in early September, she’d quintupled her target figure and raised an astonishing $104,788.

The new album hits stories this Wednesday (it’s streaming live at Paste now), and it’s already drawing critical acclaim from places like Drowned in Sound (“…combines…

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