Music Vision Sound


Daily Prompt: All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

My Blog is an extension to my Official Website Music Vision Sound: ; Originally it was going to be just MVS which is my full name initials, and also my clothe designs signature.

Art and creativity has always played a part in my life, and I am also a great lover of music.

Not going into too much detail, My site became a creative hobby for me, as well as a learning and leaning tool !!!

I didn’t just want to share my own creativity, I also wanted to be able to share other peoples art and help their work get noticed too, whether it be Creative Writing, Music, Designs, Technology, Art etc….all genres of creativity.

As I couldn’t have MVS as the name of my site, “Domain Already Taken” thinking at the time ‘Typical’ ; my husband and I came up with Music Vision Sound which I loved, and yay!! domain available.

So I grabbed it!! and started learning how to build a website all the ins and outies, gradually over time building a community.

In between all of this I was trying to create something unique for the website, which would be engaging and helpful to both Artists & Fans alike, but also fun.

After many drafted Ideas, thoughts of ‘yes that will work’ only to research and find it’s already in the works, something strange, weird but also wild and wonderful popped in to this crazy mind of mine, ‘Anything But The Music’ I got to work on it straight away.



It has taken a lot of time and effort but slowly and surely, and with a lot of determination it is progressing.

It was only recently I came across WordPress, and what a fantastic site it is, to share not only my website and the inspirational & creative people on their… Including Upcoming Artists/Bands taking part in A.B.T.M

But now I can also share the brilliant articles, websites and posts from CREATIVES on WORDPRESS.



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