Stunning such amazing detail 🙂

Adventures in Real Life

The annual winter festival has been underway and as always, I’m eager to see the ice sculptures that are created.

It’s still pretty amazing even though it’s not a new festival to me anymore. Some part of me still in disbelief that I’m a local here now. This year, I went to see them as they were being carved (some by hand, some by electric saws) so to see random chunks of ice turn into this….is pretty spectacular. Thankfully the brief rise in temperature didn’t cause all of these to melt before I managed to snap some photos.

Among the ice sculptures on display:

Polar bear holding up the maple leaf




These first two were done by locals in a performance setting. “Watch as they carve out the ice” so they did a spectacular job for being under strict time limitations.

And then, the international competition:

The abstract design

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