See the clever jester
Speaking truth to power
In this medieval court
Where dark secrets flower
And with numbers to the axe
Rising by the hour
See the jester strut and dance
While the rest must cower

Only in the jester’s words
May the truth be seen
Rarely can bad tidings be
Told to king or queen
In the web of satire
Is the whiplash keen
Here the truth is palatable
Somewhere in between

Should bad tempered, half mad kings
Enjoy an odd satire
You see a deep true belly laugh
Diminish royal ire
Surely then the jester here
Wouldn’t be a liar
If his wit delays his time
To join a heavenly choir

If a truth you need to tell
Will not pleasant be
In a court where fear for life
Dictates your destiny
If your words and actions
Would be danger free
Like the clever jester
Rely on…

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