Life, Love and Yoga


I believe Karma is the word. Although I think Karma is a bit overused these days. People just love saying, (insert nasaly voice) “Karma is a b&*ch”. Well, if you are saying that-  isn’t that negative? Which means that it’ll come back around to get you too? Or, “I did something good, so I have good Karma.” Yes, I suppose so. But that means you are keeping track of Karma. What about that mean thing you said the other day, doesn’t that offset your “good Karma?”

I don’t necessarily like thinking in terms of 21st Century American Karma. We’ve twisted it all around. Instead I like to think in terms of – what you give you get. What you project is reflected back to you. So if you want to do nice things just for the sake of getting nice things back- well, you will, but they won’t be genuine…

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