This is probably going to be the heaviest blog post I will have written to date, but is something I really feel the urge to talk about.

The 21st century has thrown all manner of problems society’s way so far: proliferation of international terrorism, the overthrowing of Arabic regimes, costly wars in the middle east, the global warming debate, and the greatest challenge to the western capitalist system since the formation of the Soviet Union. Amongst all of these pressing issues something appears to be slipping by under the radar: Transhumanism.

TranshumanismJust what is “Transhumanism” exactly? Why does it merit a spot on the dilemmas of this century?
From what I have gathered Transhumanism is a term used to describe an intellectual movement which seeks to enhance, through technology, the very nature of human kind to the point of perfection. Technologies that can restore lost bodily functions such as eyesight…

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