Bitter Tears

The compassionate heart
gets swallowed up
by the blind leading the blind

Bitterness and the stained hands of money toiled at pitted souls

Only to leave Selfishness, Bitterness, defined of hate and unanimous greed!!!


One More Time

We sit in the blissful sun

In the same place where we reflect our memories.

we’re embraced although the heat sores down; the sitting perch is cold to certain areas of my withered body.

Still holding me in the same way, on
the day when we first met.

We became one as we stood
In a cobbled street, you tried to whisper in my ear; ‘Marry Me’ yet the words were unclear.

The beating of the steal thumped above your proposal, that moment was

I accepted; once the drone had exited my ears, once more the question asked.

Sixty decades pass, we are still one

Every moment
Every day
Every year

As I wither away to brittle bones,
grey unreflective broken hair.

Your arms wrapped around me tightly

One more time.

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas